I took the Prepare three (3) hour introductory self defense course at my health club. I loved the program and got a tremendous amount out of only one session. I utilized the skills that I learned in a life threatening situation just days later.

I was walking through Central Park on my way to work at 9 a.m. I had consciously decided against listening to music because I wanted my awareness skills to be as strong as possible. This choice enabled me to hear the loud, clear scream of a man far away and directly approaching me at a very fast pace. The man appeared violent and out of control. Even though I was very scared in the moment, I DID NOT PANIC. I used the new awareness and avoidance skills that I had just learned. I looked 360 degrees around me and determined which was the quickest path to the street and denser population. I was able to decisively steer myself away from the oncoming danger and what could have been a life/death confrontation. Prepare gave me this ability and my safety.

Catherine Kirsch, Workshop Graduate

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