Helping Kids Through Difficult Life Experiences

17 Jul, 2017

Anastastia Higginbotham is a recognized feminist writer and was a Prepare instructor for many years. Her essay in the collection Yes Means Yes inspired many calls to Prepare.

Her children’s’ books are quite amazing. Death is Stupid, Divorce is the Worst, and now Tell Me About Sex, Grandma. They show young people working through ordinary and terrible life experiences such as divorce and death, without sugar coating or making their experiences any less powerful or real than they would be for adults.

In her latest book, Higginbotham explores how to talk about sex with a child. There are so many wonderful parts of this book — the illustrations, the intergenerational aspect of family life, her language.  And, from a violence prevention standpoint, Higginbotham keeps it right to the point. Sex is never with a child and always with consent. Simple. Honest. Concrete.

For a preview of her latest, see this NY Times Article: Well Illustrated: The First Sex Talk




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