Get ready for round 2

Last week at a relative’s home I encountered an unpleasant type (ya know the ones who give you the uh oh feeling ;)). This was not my first encounter with this person and as soon as I saw him I froze. And then as I was about to close the bathroom door to hide he jumped in the doorway and started yelling and saying that he was going to get me and I better get ready for round 2…my first instinct was to shut down, close my eyes and let it happen. And as I struggled to close the door I remembered PREPARE. I waited a moment, took a deep breath, let go of the door and took a step back. Boy did that surprise him…he thought he had me but he had no idea what was coming…I screamed “Oh no! Not again! Ever!” And then “Eye Strike! Knee! Groin!” And he’s like “What the hell? You’re like a madwoman! Get off of me and give me what I want! You’re never gonna win this! You’re a girl!” And I just smiled and said, “You’re right! I’m like a madwoman, cuz I’m freaken mad!” Strike up and under the chin. Strike the groin. Under the chin again. Eyes. And he was like “What the hell, you’re not worth this you piece of ****!” And he took off really fast. Well as fast as he could go…I hit him pretty hard….I slammed the door and cried for an hour in the bathroom but I WON!! I thank you for literally saving my life because there is no way I could have done that without your help! And the fact that I could tell you about this….huge step for me! I haven’t slept since then but I’m better off than I ever was …. Feels so good to say that….

Anyway. Thanks for giving me my life back 😉

Forever grateful,


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