Corporate Programs FAQ

What does Prepare do?

We’re an organization offering comprehensive violence prevention through a variety of different programs – all featuring realistic scenario training.

Where do these programs take place?

It’s your choice. We can come on-site if you have the space for us to teach or we can arrange for an off-site location that is mutually agreeable.

How long are the programs?

We have introductory workshops that are 2 or 3 hours in length and comprehensive training ranging from 6 – 20 hours. You can learn more about each of our programs by reading the descriptions of our public offerings.

How many people can you accommodate in a group?

Ideally, group size is limited to 16-20 participants in the experiential programs. Some of our workshops can be scaled up for larger groups.

My company is very concerned about liability. Is this risky?

Learning personal safety is equal parts verbal and physical resistance, threat assessment and threat management. Unlike the way these classes are portrayed in the media, no one will throw anyone or be thrown. There are no physical skills that are high risk for physical injury. The classes are carefully crafted to be safe physically and emotionally. We also carry liability insurance and can name your company as an additional insured.

Will my employees become more worried about safety while at work?

Your employees know from their experience and intuition about the safety challenges they encounter. Prepare feels it is best to acknowledge risk factors and then lower vulnerability and raise protective factors through experiential training. Employees who sometimes encounter emotionally volatile people, who do home visits, who travel to unfamiliar environments, for example, are very appreciative of skills to help them reduce their risks. They feel seen and heard by their employer and morale often improves.

How do we get started?

Please give us a call at 212-255-0505 or email us with your contact information. We’d love to learn more about your organization and your goals so we can create a proposal that meets all your needs.