What type of physical resistance/self-defense does Prepare teach?

Our classes empower individuals to lead their lives fully, with the confidence that they have the tools to better manage what life brings their way. Using our unique and effective methodology, students practice both verbal and physical skills with a fully padded suited instructor who simulates verbal and physical aggression and boundary violations. In both practice drills and dynamic, realistic scenarios, students deliver full force, full contact, strikes. When the instructors are  portraying physical aggression, the suits protect their most vulnerable target areas as they receive strikes from the students.

In an emotionally supportive environment, students learn how to trust their instincts, tap into their own intelligence and life experience, and learn to think on their feet. Scenarios explore situations with familiars and intimates, those known to us, and strangers.

Moreover, the class curriculum highlights verbal resistance strategies practiced in role-playing scenarios. These scenarios are group specific.

What will I learn?

For more about each of our classes and the curriculum take a look at our programs and their descriptions.

What other benefits do people get from this training?

Our graduates often report that they bring the same feeling of safety, empowerment, and communication skills from their Prepare training into their daily personal lives. The benefits of our classes go beyond learning how to stay safe or respond in a potentially violent encounter. Our graduates report positive effects such as:

  • greater general awareness and confidence
  • ability to communicate clearly and directly increased self esteem and assertiveness
  • the ability to be a helpful bystander or advocate for others
  • creative and flexible problem solving skills
  • improved leadership skills
  • more focus and effectiveness at work
  • calmer and more clearheaded thinking during stress or crisis

Who teaches Prepare classes?

Our instructors undergo hundreds of hours of training and supervision to earn their certification from nationally recognized instructor trainers. They are professionals dedicated to violence prevention education.

Will the physical techniques work for me; what if I have special needs?

This system of self-defense is appropriate for all ages, all levels of fitness, and all body types. You will discover and learn to enhance your own body’s natural strengths. Limited class size ensures individual attention and personalized instruction, including accommodations and adaptations for pre-existing injuries, physical disabilities and learning challenges.

I’m not sure I (or my organization) can afford your program.

Prepare is committed to removing barriers to accessing our classes. We offer: payment plans with no interest or additional fees and work-study plans to defray tuition. Emerging Strategies, our sister 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization, funds partial scholarships for individuals of all ages and supports educators, individuals, and organizations that serve young people and adults in our community. Emerging Strategies will partner with your organization to assist with your grant writing or fundraising efforts to reduce the cost of the programs.

I have specific questions about one of your classes.

The answer to your question might be found in one of our other FAQs: