Become an IMPACT Chapter

We are glad to provide you with information about starting an IMPACT chapter in your area. It’s our wish to partner with talented and dedicated people across the country and around the world to make this training more accessible to more people. Please note we only work with people who are planning to develop chapters in areas not serviced by an existing program.

Starting an IMPACT Chapter is an exciting and challenging process. To begin, you would need to develop a team of at least three qualified instructors to undertake Instructor Training Certification.

Training requires significant time at our New York facility, or in the location of your sponsoring chapter, as well as organizing and running classes in your community. Organizing and hosting classes in your community is a highly recommended step in becoming a chapter.

Establishing your own chapter is more complex than just becoming an instructor – we can provide you with information about how to become a sustainable program.

If you are interested in simply hosting a program in your community, please click here.

 If you want to explore your options, give us a call at 212-255-0505 or email us. You can also visit for more information about IMPACT self-defense programs.