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Prepare offers comprehensive violence prevention training and personal safety programs. In all our programs, we situate violence in the social and cultural context within which it exists. Along with the broad spectrum of curriculum we offer, we support the work of others in the anti-violence community. Our primary prevention programs work to change beliefs and behaviors before they lead to violence: health and life skills education, anti-bias and anti-bullying programs, and social and emotional learning fundamentals. We are best known for our secondary prevention self-defense and personal safety courses which feature the suited instructor: IMPACT Basics and Prepare classes for kids and teens. Our classes empower individuals to lead their lives fully, with the confidence that they have the tools to better manage what life brings their way.

The Prepare Blog

17 Sep, 2014 Widening our lens; shifting perspective

We are always learning: Prepare programs take into account current crime data and research as well as generate research opportunities. For example, the journal Violence Against Women recently published an Editorial Special Issue: Self-Defense Against Sexual Assault with Guest Editors Martha McCaughey and our own Jill Cermele. Along with many other wonderful articles, our colleagues Dr Rosenblum and Dr Taska’s discuss the results of their research using Prepare’s class as a trauma intervention: Self-Defense Training as Clinical Intervention for Survivors of Trauma Gianine D. Rosenblum and Lynn S. Taska Violence Against Women, March 2014; vol. 20, 3: pp. 293-308.

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